An Industry Leader in the Life Contingent Asset Class


Founded in 2012, Miravast is an asset management firm. Our exclusive focus is investing in life contingent assets. Our services, ranging from customized investment opportunities to fund management, offer institutional investors the competitive advantage of the Miravast medical underwriting team. 

Led by Bill Taylor, a principal founder of the AIG life settlement division, Miravast team members led the investment of more than $5 billion from 2001 to 2011 while at a multi-national insurance conglomerate.

Miravast employs a full team of seasoned life settlements medical underwriters and utilizes a proprietary mortality view based on a significant population of settled life insurance policies.

Our underwriting experience can lead to significant differences in our view compared to the market’s view.  We believe our expertise allows us to identify opportunities that others miss and avoid those that others may overvalue, while still acquiring at market value.