Miravast is an industry leader in the life contingent asset class. Our specialized expertise in life insurance product design and medical underwriting, coupled with our perspective on investment structures, allows us to provide institutional clients with a vertically integrated investment company. 



Miravast provides institutional investors with unique access to a highly skilled team with a long track record of developing and investing in life contingent assets. We believe our team has unparalleled experience with life contingent assets and our proprietary perspective on mortality allows us to guide institutional investors through the complexities of investing in the asset class

A Letter from our Founder

In 2001, I began the development of AIG’s life settlements investment platform. For over a decade, I had the pleasure of recruiting and working with a highly skilled team. Together we built and managed the largest life settlement portfolio in the industry and developed a center of excellence in underwriting longevity risk and elderly mortality.

After AIG put its life settlement portfolio in run-off, several key members of the life contingent asset management team joined me in forming Miravast, a new company unaffiliated with AIG. We believe our experience offers significant value to institutional investors who are interested in our goal of returning a net, unlevered low double-digit return from assets whose primary return driver is not correlated to those of other asset classes.

As our name suggests, we have a broad and innovative view of the industry and its investment opportunities. That, coupled with our vast expertise and investment techniques, allows the Miravast team to exclusively do what we do best for institutional investors – invest in life contingent assets.


Bill Taylor